Cortland County
Enlisted Men
Roll of Honor
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Enlisted men were the unsung, and largely undocumented, heroes of the Civil War. This page is an attempt to document those unrecognized soldiers that fought in the war. Unit names are linked to pages on that unit, if available. Each soldiers name is linked to a mini-bio of that soldier, usually submitted by a researcher.

This page is for soldiers who served from Cortland Co. in the following units -
Infantry: Regts., 12th, 19th, 23d, 76th, 93d, 114th, 156th, 157th, 175th, 185th, 194th
Cavalry: Regts., 10th.
Artillery: Regts., 3d, 16th.


157th Infantry -
Alexander Bates-   Company D 5 Sep 1862 -   12 Nov 1862     Discharged due to a health problem
Newton Bates -   Company D 5 Sep 1862 -   16 Nov 1862     Deserted (to be with father? - see Alexander above)
dishonorably discharged on 7 Mar 1866 with loss of all pay and allowances

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