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Scott School

NEECA ROOT Tue Jan 8 09:21:24 2008
Seeking information on the Scott School.


Kevin Milcarek Fri Jan 11 13:04:41 2008
Looking for any info RE: a Daniel HARTNETT, who served in the Civil War as a NYV, but we aren't sure which regt. Possibly the 157th. He ended up in Cuyler and is supposedly buried there somewhere.
Any info will be most helpful.


Terry Murphy Sun Jan 13 20:25:13 2008
Am looking for information on two SHAW girls. M Frankie SHAW married Aaron SAGER of SAGER and JENNINGS druggist on 1 Main St. Cortland in 1880 directory. Lilly SHAW married Herbert HUNNINGTON in 1879. Any info would be helpful. Thanks


Beth Waller Sat Jan 19 19:04:04 2008
Looking for info on Joshua and Amy (RUMSEY) PRATT of Cortland Co. NY. He b. ca 1814, married Amy 1837. His father also Joshua PRATT, died in Cortland Co. 1835. Joshua Jr. and Amy's daughter was Julia C. PRATT b. c 1843.

Is anyone else researching this family? I am interested in knowing the reliability of any PRATT histories out there.


Scott Leonard Mon Jan 21 17:00:58 2008
William B. TOPPING (1807-1891) and Eunice CLARK (1813-1889), my ancestors, lived at Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y., as young people and married there on Jan. 5, 1835. I do not know Eunice's parents' names and am wondering what is the best way for me to find a record of their marriage. Any advice welcome.

They and their children left Homer in 1861, ending up at Waupaca, Wis. I would be happy to transcribe their obituaries for the Cortland site if it is of interest, or share with others interested in this line.
Scott Leonard, Washington, D.C.


Mike Buck Mon Jan 28 13:38:10 2008
Looking for any information on Muirza Mercy (BUCK) ROWLEY who died March 28, 1863. Buried Rowley Family Cemetery, in Freetown, Cortland County, NY. Believe husband Moses ROWLEY also buried there in 1864.


richard smith Fri Feb 1 04:08:33 2008
I am looking for information on Captain Israel SMITH, Revolutionary War veteran. Receieved 2000 acres of land in Virgil.
Was he buried in Homer, NY?
Did he have son James I. SMITH?


John Topping Tue Feb 5 17:22:48 2008
Looking for information on the TOPPING family. Many from Homer NY and Cortland area. Information on Elnathan TOPPING (b 1800, d 1858) ancestors. Children were Frank, Edward, Henry, Nellie. Parents possible Silas and Mary (GILBERT) TOPPING, Grandparents possible Elnathan and Mary (HALSEY) TOPPING.


Scott Pierce Thu Feb 7 19:00:50 2008
I am looking for information on John PIERCE b. 11 Aug 1797, Colrain, Franklin County, Massachussetts; d. 17 Mar 1840, Truxton, Cortland County, New York.

He is belived to be the father of my GGGGgrandfather, Edward LeRoy PIERCE, b 1824 Cortland, NY (Charles father).

John PIERCE's father may be Zebulon PIERCE, but we are unsure. Info. on John's parents would be very helpful. Thank you!


Eileen Lawson Manjarrez Sat Feb 16 21:14:02 2008
Looking for any information on Ruth LAWSON 1905-1997, Erdell F. LAWSON 1903-1968m and daughter Judith Ann LAWSON 1944-1954. Also, the whereabouts of June LAWSON and Bud (?) LAWSON. Erdell operated a pluming business in Homer. Wish to locate and connect with relatives.


Pam Kerzner Sun Feb 17 11:47:28 2008
HOPKINS, Robert and wife Elsie--he died in 1828--probate sold land in 1831 LOT 75, subdivision 5 in town of Preble. 18 acres of the 60 acres was reserved for the heirs who in turn had sold those 18 acres to Benjamin Eldred.

This info comes from the probate ad placed in newspaper announcing the sale.

How did Robert get possession of this land??? Was this inherited, land grant, purchased or ??? This is my broken link in family tree. Any and all help/suggesions welcomed on finding this info out.


Charles Leavitt Sat Mar 1 11:53:21 2008
I am looking for my ancestry and I have come across the name Hulda WARREN and I believe at the time she was in Solon, Cortland NY. She may have been married to an Augustus STOWELL. I was hoping that you could find a date of death and place of burial suspected time of death about 1818. We are uncertain if she even died in your town but we must check all leads. Thank you SO much for your time.


Fredrick W. McDonald Sun Mar 2 06:06:04 2008
My step father lived in Cortland NY. 1933-1949. His name was Robert Leroy ALBRO last adress in cortland I have is 10 1/2 Winter Street and another address was 8 Winter Street both in Cortland NY until he went in to the army in 1949-1954, went to Korea . I'm trying to find pictures of him when he was younger and or his mother's name. He never knew his father, his mother never told him. I'm trying to find my step fathers relatives for my half brother and sister ROBERTS children by my mother Catherine. If any one knows about the ALBROs at them addresses contact me at our Dad lost every thing he had of his mother and family in a fire in 1977 and he past away in June 18,1995 so my brother and sister wants to meet his family. Thank you. Fredrick W. McDonald proud step son of Robert Lery ALBRO.


Cheryl Comer Thu Mar 13 16:32:42 2008
I am looking for a birth record of my great-grandfather, Fred Martin LOOMIS. He was born 18 Dec 1860. Fred lists his place of birth as New York in the 1900 US Census from Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma. Fred was the enumerator for that census. Fred's parents were Ezra and Jane (MARTIN) LOOMIS. In the 1870 US Census Fred LOOMIS (LOOMACE) age 8 and his mother Jane (MARTIN) LOOMIS age 28 are living in Solon, Cortland County, NY with Fred's grandparents SIMMONS (SIMEAN misspelt) and Lucy MARTIN. Fred's father, Ezra LOOMIS, died 02 Dec 1868.


Michael W. Morgan Sr. Sun Mar 30 12:19:53 2008
I am looking for Medad MORGAN married to Cynthina SALISBURY. Medad was born 26 june 1790 died 1867.


Joyce Norris Tue Apr 1 18:34:27 2008
I am trying to find the connection between James McNISH (died 1882 age 76) and Samuel McNISH (died Feb 1892 age 78 years). I believe it is a safe assumption that they are closely related because they are buried in the same plot, and used the same stone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Leslie Gifford Tue Apr 8 11:18:07 2008
Seeking information about the WWII service of Emilio SUAREZ and Norman RIVERS. Both served in the Merchant Marine. Norman RIVERS thought to be the sister of Mrs. Raymon SUAREZ of Taylor Center and Emilio SUAREZ her brother-in-law. Newspaper accounts of the time report both missing in action, but there are few other details.


Marge Hansel Fri Apr 11 13:42:10 2008
Is there a record of Joshua ATWATER's death in Cortland County? He died in July, 1814. He lived in Homer prior to that. I don't know where he is buried.


Deborah Martin-Plugh Sun Apr 20 10:50:10 2008
My Great Grandmother was Emma CASE and was born and raised in the Summerhill area. She had a brother, William J. (Willie). They are shown in the 1870 census at ages 4 and 6 respectively with their mother, Sarah. Their father, William, died in 1869.

If any one has any information on this family, I would greatly appreciate any help. I have information on both siblings moving forward, but nothing on their parents. I would be glad to share any information that I have as well.


Catherine Hamner Tue Apr 22 21:58:42 2008
I adopted a little boy born in Cortland, NY on 9/8/98, birth name Zackary Allen BLOODGOOD. Birth Parents Jody COOPER and Duayne BLOODGOOD. I'm interested in as much family history as possible so that I can give Zach everything he needs. He has some special needs. Medical and mental health family history, addictions, medications/treatments that worked, etc. would be extremely useful.
Thank you.


KD Lehman Fri Apr 25 19:05:55 2008
Looking for parents or any other information on Justus (Justice) TAYLOR and his family of Cortland County, New York. His wife was Hepsibath who died in 1844 and is buried in the Old Cemetery in Virgil. Known children are Martha Jane and Sarah. Other possible children are Miner, Ambrose, and John. Martha Jane married William Hayden DEAN in Wisconsin. Justus TAYLOR moved to Wisconsin after his wife died.


Roy Stout Sat May 24 08:33:46 2008
I need information on Rex STODDART b. 1918 in Cortland NY (living) that married M MURPHY in Cortland NY 1940-1941. Rex's father was Charles Augustus STODDART. His wife's parents were Robert MURPHY and Mary LEACH.
Your help is welcomed,
Roy Stout


Donna Burdick Tue Jun 3 19:23:33 2008
I am looking for biographical information on John THOMAS (John H. THOMAS?) who was born abt. 1818 and was an attorney in Cortland County. He was associated with abolitionists in New York State, including Gerrit SMITH. I also believe that he was the actual author of former slave Jermain LOGUEN's "autobiography." I would like to know when John THOMAS died and where he is buried.


Joyce E. Watson Sat Jun 7 15:33:11 2008
These families also found in Herkimer, & Tioga, & Onondaga counties. Families of Horace Henry ROBBINS (1854 New York), son of Jerimiah ROBBINS (1825 New York), son of Peter ROBBINS (1791 Vermont), son of Robert Emery ROBBINS (1662 Varmont). That's as far back as I can go. I would be happy to share this information, or collaborate with anyone with common ancestors.


Kerry + Wayne Kinnick Mon Jun 9 18:00:11 2008
I am interested in finding more info on my father's side. This would be my dad, Jesse TRUXTON and his dad, Jesse Thomas DAVIS.


Gail Baker Mon Jun 9 18:25:29 2008
I am looking for info about Amos MOORE from Preble, NY He married Hannah GRAY from Vermont. Can't find anything about the parents of Amos. I have all info forward to 2008.


Judy Kimball Fri Jun 13 09:06:29 2008
Looking for information about William Morris PICKETT b. 20 Oct 1810 Plainfield, CT d. 13 Nov 1887 Manhattan married Anna McCumsey HOTCHKINS b. 9 Aug 1812 CT d. 10 Mar 1878 Manhattan, KS. The family moved to Homer in 1848 from Syracuse, then moved to Kansas--first to Topeka in 1857 and then to Manhattan in 1866.


April Conway Wed Jun 18 18:33:01 2008
I am looking for information on the John A. HOWE and Laura A. (Hopper) HOWE family . Their children were Henry born 1856, Dan born 1857, George born 1859, Chester born 1861, Frank born 1862, Fred born 1866, Charles born 1869, William born 1871, Alber born 1874, Alfred born 1874, Mary born 1877 and Chauncey born 1879.
I know Laura died on Feb 20 1883 in Summer Hill, New York, but can not find where she is buried. Mary, Chauncey and Alfred died close to when she did and I also can not find where they are buried.
Anyone having any information of this family , no matter how small. Please let me know. Thank you so much. April


April Conway Wed Jun 18 18:33:01 2008
I am looking for information on the John A. HOWE and Laura A. (HOPPER) HOWE family . Their children were Henry born 1856- Dan born 1857 - George born 1859- Chester born 1861 - Frank born 1862 - Fred born 1866- Charles born 1869- William born 1871- Alber born 1874- Alfred born 1874 - Mary born 1877 and Chauncey born 1879.
I know Laura died on Feb 20 1883 in Summer Hill, New York, but can not find where she is buried. Mary, Chauncey and Alfred died close to when she did. I also can not find where they are buried.
Anyone having any information of this family, no matter how small. Please let me know. Thank you so much. April


Stephen Beardsley Sun Jun 22 14:17:18 2008
House location and size of Belah BEARDSLEY farm. Family cemetery located off Webb Road, approx. 8 miles SE of Willet.

Oil Mill

Dave Porter Tue Jul 1 10:40:13 2008
I am interested in information on the oil mill located on Oil Mill Road in Cuyler. Being so close to the Madison County line, I thought I would find some info in some of the Madison County history resources that I have. If anyone has any info on this oil mill, I would be interested. I have several stereoviews of what I believe were taken after the mill either burned or was destroyed by flood.


Michelle Luster Wed Jul 2 13:08:11 2008
The GOODALE family had a dairy, in Cortland County, NY I believe, until some time in the 1940's. I am looking for info or pictures about it. Also, the WIGHT family had four daughters (one of whom was my maternal grandmother) and one son (my great uncle Chuck). I am coming to the area at the end of July 2008 for a WIGHT family reunion, and I'd love to share with others whatever info might be out there about the family.


Grace K. Austin Sun Jul 13 11:22:59 2008
Could you please tell me where the West Homer (aka Simmonds) cemetery is located?? I visited there in 1996 but not sure if it's Cortland or Cayuga county or boarders both. looking for more BUTTERY, GILLETT and STEBBINS family members. Thanks, Grace


Rose Adams Sat Jul 19 19:13:23 2008
I am a gg granddaughter of Augustus Oliver Artimus STOWELL. I know the story of the marriage and divorce of Augustus and Mary. I also know that Augustus was an attorney. Is there any way to find information on his career or maybe a picture? I am also interested in a marriage certificate and divorce papers.


Judy Sat Jul 19 21:17:00 2008
Searching for information on Wells TERRY from 1827 to 1840. His father was Rev. David TERRY. Known siblings are Eri, Aiden, Wallace, Dette, Lucretia. They moved to McHenry IL in 1840. Any information on this family would be much appreciated.


Tomi Larson Wed Jul 30 13:08:51 2008
I am looking for any information on the surname REITANO in Cortland, NY or vicinity.


trish Wed Aug 13 05:50:54 2008
I am looking for the Howard SIMMONS family buried on Creamery Rd, Harford NY 13784. Cornell owns the land, it's a small family plot and I would like to also see pictures if possible of the farm that was there.


Suzanne Jaquin Rearic Thu Aug 14 19:33:34 2008
I'm looking for Claudia Jean JAQUI or relatives of hers from Cortland, NY. I don't know what her married name is. She is my cousin.


Kaye Thu Aug 14 19:35:48 2008
I am looking for information on William RYAN and his wife Clarrissa BARTON. I have information on their death, marriage and children. I am looking for birth parents and places of birth.


steph lyly Mon Aug 25 01:31:58 2008
Marriage info for David McCULLOUGH and Lurana DeMARANVILLE July 2 1849 in Harford


Karen Haley Wed Sep 3 13:29:49 2008
I am searching for more information on a John GRACE and wife Bridget Haley FOOTE and their children. They are showing living in Cortland in the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 (only Bridget as John passed in 1923). They are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Cortland as well.
I am missing death dates for quite a few family members yet. One daughter, Josephine GRACE married a Philip M. FOOTE. Again, I am missing information on this family as well. There were three children: Philip Leo FOOTE, Bradley FOOTE, and Regis FOOTE. Philip M. FOOTE's parents were James and Louise FOOTE (No information on them as well).
Any help with these two family lines would be great as I live in the Midwest! Thank you


Janet marshall Mon Sep 8 17:21:51 2008
My great great grand parents lived in Cortland County during the 1850s. Charles M. WELCH was the son of Job and Fanny. His wife, Sarah (Sally) Ann KINNEY, and he were living with his family in Solon in the 1855 state census. I haven't been able to see this for myself and would love to get a copy of this. Can anyone help me?


sue dombrowski Mon Sep 8 19:58:56 2008
I am looking for any information of the family of Daniel BROWN of Harford Mills area. I am hoping he is the son of Abiathar BROWN. Many stone mason in family. Names Sylvester, William Daniel, Byron, Sarah and Sophia frequently used.

GREEN family of Foster and Sally (Sarah). Absolum GREEN or George, Carolyn, Mary, Andrew and Emil.
I am willing to share my information.


Goldstrom Sun Oct 5 15:44:42 2008
Seeking information on the GOLDSTROM family of Cortland County, NY.


janice Wed Oct 15 16:18:29 2008
Looking for further information on Franklin A MILTON who was a member and office in the 1886 Homer I.O.O.F. He may have been married twice: first, in 1865: Emma J OWEN (limited information on this wife, unknown if they had children) and second to Eleanor/Ella WARNER. (date of marriage unknown, but I have information on 3 of her children). Franklin MILTON and wife Ella had 7 children with 3 still alive as listed in the 1910 census from Seneca Falls. I have the death information on Ella and the 3 children. I am looking for any helpful leads as to Frank's death date, burial location and perhaps I.O.O.F. membership. Thank you SO much for anything you may help me with!


Joan Rice Mon Oct 20 19:34:44 2008
I am trying to find my brothers. There are two of them. One of their names is David Warren RICE. We have the same father, Michael Edward RICE. I am told their mother is from Cortland NY. Her name is Nancy RICE. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you.


Mickie Morrell Tue Oct 21 21:01:15 2008
Hanah COIL was born in Cortland, NY in 1846 . What I need is who is her mother and her father . Where did they live in Cortland, NY in the 1840's. Hanah (COIL) Coon was my Great Great Grandmother . Her daugther Delina COON was my great grandmother and daughter Margaret was my grand mother.So can you help me Please! She was born June 1846. She married Henry W. COON 1869.


ALLISON Wed Oct 22 12:02:20 2008
Looking for relatives and descendants of Frances aka Fanny HAIGHT.


Nancy Wagoner Fri Nov 7 00:26:01 2008
I am trying to determine where Jason Wilbur CRANDALL is buried.
Jason Wilbur CRANDALL (b. 18 Feb,1825, Middlefield, Otsego Co., New York, d. 26 May, 1904, East Homer, New York, mar Ruth McDONALD (b, 31 May, 1824, New York, d. Jan 1902 Durand, Pepin Co., Wisconsin).

Now, Jason Wilbur CRANDALL is shown in the 1880 Wisconsin, Dunn Co., Eau Galle Census, along with Ruth and children: Adelbert, Nelson, Rosa, Timothy, and Ida. I am trying to verify that Jason Wilbur CRANDALL returned to New York from Wisconsin prior to his death. If so, does anyone know of his cemetery in East Homer, New York.

I would love to contact family historians for the CRANDALL, McDONALD, and WILBUR families!

Thank you so much!! I will share everything which I may discover.


Jean Caughey Tue Nov 11 22:06:05 2008
Frank Eugene THOMPSON m. Jeanie WILLIAMS 1897 in Cortland.
Oscar SERGENT info m. Jennie GARDINER Willet, Taylor, Cincy?
Oscar's mother was a POTTER.


Gail A. Pike Tue Nov 18 20:50:19 2008
Appreciate any information about the birth and marriage of Lurana (Lurary) GOODRICH. Believe her parents were Samuel GOODRICH and Luarana TROWBRIDGE, but have no proof. The Lurary GOODRICH I am researching married John BARTLETT and while living in Herkimer, NY had 12 children.


Gene Linkoski Fri Nov 28 15:35:52 2008
Researching my Grandmother's father's family. Orello Devere ALCOTT married to Emma Louise TULLY / TULLEY.


Gail A. Pike Wed Jan 28 19:45:06 2009
I am researching Samuel GOODRICH, Revolutionary Patriot, and his wife, Luarana (TROWBRIDGE) GOODRICH, he died on 31 January 1838 and his wife the following day, they are buried in Rural Cemetery, Cortland. It appears they had 11 children, the 1790 Census shows them in Stephentown, NY with three boys and three girls under 16. At least two more children were born before the family moved to Preble, NY as part of the Bounty land. The last two daughters, Abiail and Permelia, were born in Preble. I am searching for Samuel's obituaray, a will or a land grant that will show that Luarana GOODRICH, born abt. 1779, was the daughter of this couple. Luarana GOODRICH married John BARTLETT and the 1830 Census shows them living in Oppenheim, NY.
Would greatly welcome any information you can provide on this family.


Jim Wilcox Sat Jan 31 20:53:23 2009
I would like to know the the names of all heads of households named WILCOX in Cortland County from 1790 to 1820. Of particular interest are:
William WILCOX
Elnathan WILCOX

I would appreciate any help you could provide.


Wendy Keys Sun Feb 8 15:15:51 2009
I found a reference to Mary (PERKINS) CLARKE who died in Scott, NY 24 Jan 1887 that her obituary mentioned her mother, giving her mother's maiden name (possibly Keziah KeNYON). I haven't been able to find that obit or any supporting info. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Julia Ann (Oathout) Wilmoth Mon Feb 16 20:51:46 2009
Looking for data on Anna Marie TIBBETS / TEBBETS born about 1821 in Truxton, Cortland County, New York. She married Augustus Pinkney OATHOUT /OOTHOUDT in New York. He was born ca. 1814 - 1816 at Binghamton, Broome Co., New York. They are both buried in Harris Cemetery, Barada, Nebraska. Looking for either of them for their birth or marriage certificates, etc.
Thank you.
Julia A. Wilmoth


Terri Walker Sat Feb 21 16:31:45 2009
Searching for the marriage record of William G. HUGHES to Laura M. HAMILTON, circa 1857, probably in Cortland County NY. William and Laura are found on the 1860 Federal Census of Cortland County, and the 1865 State Census of Cortland County, living in Cuyler Township.


bill low Sun Mar 8 19:12:49 2009
My grandmother Susie VAN ZANDT was born in Cortland or Seneca Falls, she used both. Father was Harry Carl VAN ZANDT and mother Nellie JENKINS. Any information would be appreciated.


Maxine Buckman Sat Mar 14 14:53:18 2009
My ancestor, Dea. John HAMMOND is buried in a cemetary in Marathon in a family plot that includes his wife, Phebe DAVIS and other family members. A few years ago I visited the cemetary but my camera was defective so didn't get a photo of the large memorial stone. Is there anyone that would volunteer to take a picture of this for me ?- I would pay for this service of course.
Maxine Boyce Buckman 27 Sudbury Rd. Stow, MA 01775


Kathleen (Rowe) Judd Mon Mar 16 07:54:02 2009
I am looking for information about my Grandmother Ruth Naomi (MUNSON) ROWE. She was married to John Phillip ROWE, and then divorced him and remarried Karl (WARNOW?). She lived and died in Cortland County, but I have no idea of the dates, and I am looking to trace our family back as far as possible, and it always stops here. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you! Katt


Christine Busj Sat Mar 21 18:46:45 2009
Looking for the family/descendants of John C KELLY, b. 2-26-1852 in Cortland County, NY. Married Martha A HILL in IA. Had 8 children. Died 10/1920, Sioux City, IA. Editor & proprieter of Sioux City Tribune. Father Thomas C KELLY moved to Washington DC c1905.


Natalie Bradshaw Tue Mar 24 07:37:09 2009
Looking for Hiland L. BENTLEY died in 1940 in Cincinnatus, NY.


Ruth Barckley Thu Mar 26 18:53:59 2009
Am trying to find where family is buried. They lived in Cortland as of 1920 - Harry and Mabel (BARCKLEY) PETERS and her mother Rebecca P BARCKLEY. Rebecca's husband Joseph R BARCKLEY was living with them but he died and is buried in Southwick Cemetery but we can't find Rebecca or her son Charles and her daughter and her daughter's husband.
Do you know where I could go to check the Cortland cemeteries?


John Clough Sat Apr 4 10:27:17 2009
Hello, I am looking for the parents of William Pitt CLOUGH who was born at Freetown, New York, March 20, 1845.


Denise Soules Caywood Thu Apr 9 13:21:33 2009
Interested in information on Orrin / Orin / Oren SOULES of Truxton, NY, born about 1822 or so in Schoharie, NY. Son of William and Debra (PADDOCK) SOULES who moved to Truxton, NY area with all the children.
Orrin had several wives: first Debbie Ann McLEAN, married 1848
Next census lists as wife a Roselind / Rosalind ___ and then 10 years later it lists a Hanna / Anna. Does anyone have any info on Roselind SOULES or a Hanna/Anna SOULES as to what their maiden names may have been? Or if Hanna / Anna was still Roselind and just a nick name?
Thanks much,
Denise Soules Caywood, Tucson, AZ..


Linda Dabulewicz Tue Apr 14 12:48:47 2009
I am researching the life of Minerva ELLIOTT - MATHEWSON - ACKER - BLUNDEN. This interesting woman may be my great great grandmother. Her child with Lewis MATHEWSON was Freddie ACKER born in 1868, who later changed his name to Fred MATHEWSON. Fred MATHEWSON lived in Cortland, Cortland County. I would love to find his date of death to confirm his father was Lewis MATHEWSON and not Damon ACKER. Minerva BLUNDEN died in August, 1907. I need her burial information. Any help would be appreciated.


maxine buckman Sun Apr 19 15:05:35 2009
My ancester, Zopher HAMMOND, married 1. Sally Ann ? and, 2. Fanny LINCOLN in 1834. She was born 8 Sept 1804 and died 12 Apr 1832 in Marathon, NY. Would like to know more about LINCOLN family in that area and where she is buried.


David Lee Sun Apr 26 14:57:51 2009
Robert S. GALT is listed as residing in Homer in the federal census of 1860. He was a physician and moved to Syracuse around 1867. He is listed with his wife Louise and three children Emma, Joseph, and Eleanor (Ella). Ella was born in 1854 in NY (perhaps even in Homer), and she went away to medical school in Philadelphia and may have practiced medicine in Cortland around 1879-80.
I would like to know more about the GALT family's residence in Homer or Cortland, and am wondering if they might be buried in a local cemetery.
Eleanor is my real interest; she was quite an important figure in the early history of Miami, Florida and had an interesting but short career as an anatomist researcher.


L. Miller Tue May 5 19:16:00 2009
I'm looking for descendants of Israel PALMER. Israel lived in Cortlandville, outside of McGraw, in the 1850s.


Mary Borowski Wed May 6 09:25:17 2009
I am searching for information on Cornelius JONES and wife Deborah VANDERVORT. The were living in New York circa 1820-1835 and had at least 2 children, Rachel A JONES and Benjamin JONES. Cornelius and family moved to Adams County, IL before 1840. According to Benjamin's obit (1911), he was born in "Sing Sing" in 1820. I believe that what was meant was Cinncinnatus, Cortland County, New York.


Jean Kiernat Fri May 8 09:12:27 2009
Looking for any information on Elijah KEENEY who lived in Fabius & Truxton from the late 1700s to the 1840s. Born 1767 in CT. He died in Chicago or DuPage County Illinois in 1846. Son, Leonard, was born 1799 in Fabius and went to Wisconsin abt. 1846. Elijah had 7 daughters: In New York were Charlotte BELDING, Sophia DENNES and Lucy Ann BAKER. In Illinois were Phebe PORTER, Eunice BROWN, Cynthia PARSONS and later EDWARDS, and Sarah COLLAR.


Donna Burdick Thu May 28 10:47:48 2009
Would be interested in hearing from anyone descended from Baptist minister Rev. S. G. (Stephen G.) JONES and his wife Sally Ann. They briefly lived in Peterboro, Madison Co., NY, in the early 1850s, where Stephen delivered a eulogy for the wife of a fugitive slave. This eulogy was printed in Frederick Douglass' paper on Nov. 6, 1851. Would like to know more about the churches Rev. JONES served, etc., etc.
(I am not a descendant.) I do know that the Rev. and his wife are buried in the Virgil Rural Cemetery.


D Miller Sun Jun 7 19:44:10 2009
Seeking POOLER family in Cortland County.


Joyce March Sun Jun 14 09:05:36 2009
I am seeking death information on Russell C. NEFF, son of Luther and Jane, born 1834. His wife, Mary WILCOX, d/o Benjamin and Harriet, was born 1837 at Cuyler. They married at Union Valley in 1853 and relocated about 1857 to Kenosha County, WI. Children were Reuben, William, Julia Ann, Malvina, Edward and Mortimer.
Can anyone help me? There is no record of his death that I can find here.


Tomi Larson Mon Jun 29 05:20:57 2009
I am seeking information on Giovanni FALANGA b. abt 1861 in Lipari, Italy and lived in Chenango Co and Cortland, NY. in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I am interested in a death date or any city directory information.
Thank you!


Robert Durand Mon Jun 29 18:42:10 2009
Seeking JACOBI and ELLIS obituaries. These obits are more than 30 years ago.

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